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Global Finance investment company

Global Finance investment company

Only professional investment companies can double investors’ income in a financial downturn. Read a brief history of Global Finance investment company.

While financial crunches push some investment companies out of the market, they make well-prepared specialists even stronger. If a firm like ours doesn’t enjoy challenges – it will disappear. Only professional investment companies can double investors’ income in a financial downturn. Read a brief history of Global Finance.


The chronology of Global Finance development started in 2014. Due to efforts of only 12 people, we provided consulting services to 50 loyal customers. Our only field of activity was US stock markets. In autumn 2014, the ruble depreciated. This event turned out to be a turning point in the history of our company. Thanks to immediate actions of our analysts and a few portfolio managers, we turned a financial crash into a great profit source for our investors. In just a few days their income doubled. Thanks to word of mouth, it helped us increase the number of investors 16-fold.

We faced a problem: the staff of 12 specialists could no longer cope with so many tasks. Over the following year, we succeeded to hire country’s top financial specialists and bring the performance an even higher level. By the end of 2016, the total number of Global Finance employees reached 100 people. We managed to achieve more than 105% of return on investment portfolios for 12 months. Today company’s clients have access to stock exchanges in 14 countries and an opportunity to trade shares of 945 world companies.


We strive to share knowledge and expertise with our investors by offering them necessary financial solutions to achieve their goals and fulfill dreams. We use and spread a practical approach to solving problems and change people’s lives for the better. Through successful investment strategies development, our target is to strengthen the financial health of the Russian Federation residents and thereby contribute to the economy development.

GlobalFinance employees are evaluated not only by commercial indicators, but also by how they adhere to our aspirations, values ​​and bring them to life.


  1. Provide over 30% of the interested audience in Russia with high-quality consulting services and individual investment strategies development.
  2. Bring the quarterly investment return level of each client to 31% and more.
  3. Keep customer satisfaction with our services at 95% and more.
  4. Change skeptical attitude in Russian residents to financial market investment by offering services of impeccable quality. We strive to exclude the conflict of interests between the business and the investor, to ensure full transparency of operations and to achieve constant professional growth of employees.
  5. Enter the European market by 2019 and provide English-speaking customers with professional consulting services, analytics and investment strategies development.

Being ambitious though realistic helps us follow the development plan and increase the efficacy of our performance. Contact us, if you are looking for secure and profitable ways to boost your prosperity.

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